Enhance Emotional Intelligence

Typical Client

High-performing Technical or Operations manager who could benefit from learning EQ leadership strategies to ‘get work done through others’ and overcome ‘executive derailers’.


Coaching focus is emotional intelligence, within the context of achieving specific outcomes commensurate with company role and corporate leadership standards.


Process is client-driven to build skills in self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management to expand a leader’s capacity for 2-way communication and to create positive relationships with direct reports, customers and senior leaders. May include focus on team collaboration, motivation and morale to promote retention.


Assessments commonly used: ‘EQ 2.0’ by Bradberry & Greaves, 360 feedback tools, MBTI Step II, Hogan Leadership Suite, performance goals.


3-6 months, with mid-engagement and final ‘pulse’ checks.

Jude Olson Coaching
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